Our mission is to bring the joy of learning to children in the digital age.

We create applications that are ad free and child friendly which provide a fun and entertaining way for kids to learn by themselves.




Learn the alphabet

This delightful little app arranges all the items as a sequence of flash cards. Each item is illustrated and a narrator's voice shows how it is pronounced. Teach your kids the alphabet, animals, colors and numbers

You can even personalize the application by recording your own voice. With the "Autoplay" mode, your child can follow along from one item to the next.



Read and Draw

Books brings hundreds of stories to children in their own local language. Browse our huge collection in different languages and start building your library today!

Canvas brings the joy of creativity and art to children of all ages. Use this delightful app for doodling, coloring and hours of immersive fun!



Just for fun

Kelele is your one-stop shop for funny and interesting sound effects. Browse our huge collection and download packs to surprise and delight your friends!

Smarty is filled with tons of quizzes, puzzles and games which stretch your brain. This delightful little application will provide you with hours of engrossing fun, guaranteed.!

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